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Amish Furniture in First Tulsa Homes: Tips for Furniture Selection

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the major reasons why many people love Amish furniture for their first home. Amish furniture is ideal for a number of different spaces, including those where you’re just getting started collecting the most important home furnishings.

At Amish Crafted Furniture, we’re happy to offer an extensive showroom of high-quality Amish furniture for clients throughout Tulsa and nearby areas. While part one of our series went over why Amish furniture is attractive to many people entering their first home, today’s part two will go over some top suggestions we often provide to those in this position as they go about selecting the ideal Amish furniture.

Start With Most Vital Items

If this is your first home and you’re only just getting started with your long-term furniture collection, it’s important to start with the most vital pieces of furniture. These are the items that will take up the most space and be used most often, so it only makes sense to invest in quality pieces right from the start.

In many cases, the furniture items that fall into this category are your bedroom set, your living room set, and your kitchen table and chairs. Of course, these aren’t the only items you’ll need – you’ll likely also want to furnish your bathroom, home office, and other rooms – but these should be among your top priorities.

When selecting Amish furniture for any of these vital rooms, it’s important to keep your specific needs in mind. For example, if you have a large bedroom and need a lot of storage space, be sure to select an Amish bedroom set with plenty of drawers and cabinets. Or, if you often have guests over for dinner, make sure to get a kitchen table and chairs that are both comfortable and spacious.

Consider Your Lifestyle

In addition to your specific needs, it’s also important to take your lifestyle into account when selecting furniture. For example, if you have children or pets, you’ll want to make sure that the furniture you choose is durable and easy to clean.

On the other hand, if you’re a single person or live in a small apartment, you may not need as much furniture as a larger household would. In this case, it’s best to select furniture that’s versatile and can be used in multiple ways. For example, an Amish entertainment center can serve as both a TV stand and a storage unit for your movie collection.

Take Your Budget Into Account

Last but not least, you’ll also want to take your budget into account when selecting furniture. Amish furniture is often more expensive than traditional furniture, but it’s worth the investment. Not only is Amish furniture built to last, but it also has a unique, rustic style that’s hard to find in other types of furniture.

For more tips on selecting the ideal Amish furniture for your first home, or to learn about any of our Amish furniture products or services in Tulsa or surrounding areas, speak with the team at Amish Crafted Furniture today.