Frenquntly Asked
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1. How long does it take to receive an order?

It usually takes 6 to 14 weeks for the craftsmen to make your furniture and up to 2 weeks to deliver to your home.

2. How do I take care of my furniture?

Our builders use a catalyzed varnish that is considered to be the toughest varnish for fine hardwood furniture. This is a very low maintenance finish that requires only the use of a soft damp cloth followed by a dry cloth for cleaning. The wood itself is kiln dried and will need to be in environment that is between 35%-45% humidity. Any pieces should be kept away from any direct source of heating or cooling unit to prevent the wood from drying out.

3. Any special cleaners needed?

A mild detergent, such as dish soap, with some warm water is all that is needed for cleaning. We discourage the use of bleach cleaners or any cleaners that use strong chemicals.

4. Oh No! I scratched my pieCe! What do I do?

You may use a high quality furniture polish that does not contain any waxes or silicones to cover up any minor damage to the top coat of the finish.

5. Difference between hardwood and MDF/Veneer?

Solid wood does not always mean what you see is what you get. Many manufactures use the term solid wood when it is in fact a soft wood like pine, MDF, or plywood covered with a thin sheet of hardwood veneer to make it appear as if the whole piece was done in that wood.  Things to look for when shopping for solid wood furniture is an inconsistency in grain pattern in each board.  Also, look for the open grain matching the end grain of the piece.

6. What is considered a hardwood?

Hardwood does not have anything to do with the hardness of the wood; but the type of seed that the tree bares. A hardwood tree has broad leaves with a seed that has a protective cover and generally goes dormant in the winter. The term hardwood is used because most of these trees are harder than softwood trees such as pine, cedar, and spruce.

7. What sets Amish Crafted furniture from other online retailers?

Amish Crafted Furniture has had over a decade of experience selling American made solid hardwood furniture. Our company was built on honesty and integrity and we value the relationships we build with each customer. We stand behind our products 100%. Over the years we have developed a close relationship with all the craftsmen. Coming from an Amish background we have several relatives that work in these same woodshops.

8. is every craftsman the same?

We select our craftsmen from a large variety of builders. Each one of the builders we have selected  has their own unique style with the same standard of superior craftsmanship we expect.

9. What sets Amish Crafted furniture from other online retailers?

The hardwoods we use are red oak, brown or soft maple, cherry, hard maple, hickory, quarter sawn white oak, walnut, and grey elm.

  • Red oak is an open broad grained wood that has a yellow tint and a hardness rating of 1290 lbs.
  • Brown maple is a softer featured wood that has smooth grain that is blonde in color and has a hardness rating of 950 lbs. -Cherry has a smooth rich grain with a natural red tone. The hardness rating is 950 lbs.
  • Hard maple has a fine even grain, with occasional curly grains throughout the wood. Hard maple has a blonde color with a hardness rating of 1450 lbs. -Hickory has tight seedy grain and is the hardest of the wood we have to offer with a rating of 1820 lbs.
  • Quarter sawn white oak is referred to white oak logs cut into quarters making a very unique feature that has a mixture of ray flake and straight tight grain. This wood can be used to create a classic look that will never go out of style. The hardness rating is 1360 lbs.
  • Grey elm has a very busy pronounced grain pattern with a hardness rating of 830 lbs.

10. what are the differEnces in fabrics?

We have 3 types of fabric each having a variety of colors and patterns. Our standard fabric has a medium abrasion rating of 9000-15000 double rubs.

Our Premium fabric has a heavy abrasion rating of 15,000 plus double rubs.

Our Crypton Fabric is a fabric that has a stain resistant formula that is woven into every fiber to produce a long lasting, durable fabric with all of the latest styles and colors available.

11. what are the processes and differences between curbside and inside delivery?

Small, non-furniture items are most often delivered by major carriers to your home. Large furniture and outdoor furniture will ship with an experienced, blanket wrapped delivery service. Furniture and oversized products can be delivered either via curbside delivery or inside delivery.

Curbside Delivery: The driver will park at your curb and bring the furniture to the very edge of the truck. From there you are responsible for taking items off the truck and into your home.

Inside Delivery: This includes our white glove delivery service. The delivery personnel will take the furniture off the truck and bring it into your home. They will unpack it and set it up in the appropriate room.

12. Does amish crafted furniture provide assembly instructions with curbside delivery?

Most of our furniture is very easy to assemble, but if further instruction is needed, please call  Mary at 918-476-4600 and he will walk you through the process.

13. is your furniture stock or built to order?

Whenever you place an order with Amish Crafted Furniture, our craftsmen will build your custom piece especially for you. There is no two pieces of Amish Furniture that are exactly alike. Each piece is unique, which is what makes Amish Furniture such a treasured thing to purchase.

14. can i customize my piece?

Yes. Amish Crafted Furniture is completely customizable. You may choose your wood type, stain color, hardware, and in some cases, you may choose different sizes.

15. Does amish crafted furniture offer a warranty?

Yes. Amish Crafted Furniture has a 2 year warranty on our furniture. The warranty covers any defect  in workmanship, material, and construction of  our furniture for a period of two years.

16. can i order by telephone?

Yes. You can call Mary Yoder at 918-236-3808 to place an order over the phone or you may order online.

17. are there better chairs than others?

Yes! Not all chairs are created equal in comfort OR quality. Since comfort is subject to the user it is hard to say which is better until you try them. Typically a more average height person 5’4”-6’2″ will enjoy a chair with more lumbar support. Shorter users typically like a more shallow depth chair. A chair with the most amount of quality will have stretchers connecting each leg as well as a stretcher underneath the seat. There is more strength when there is less joints connecting the back of a chair to the legs as opposed to the back leg running up the total height. As a general consequence, Spindle Type Chairs tend to break down quicker than Mission type chairs.