Our low price guarantee simply means that you don’t have to shop around anymore! We know how frustrating it is to have to go from store to store or from website to website to find the lowest price on furniture. At Amish Crafted Furniture, we know the importance of getting a good deal. That’s why we give our customers the best deal of all… We will have the lowest MSRP according to our Vendor policies.

What does that mean? That means we do NOT mark our furniture up just to mark it down just to make you FEEL like you got a deal. Our prices are as low as our woodshops allow so you know you’re GETTING the best price.

IF you don’t see the lowest price, then we will price match, which means that we take an apples-to-apples quote and give you the exact same deal. We hope that you will give us a chance to prove that we are your best Amish  furniture store in the Tulsa and surrounding areas. We really do strive to offer a low price, but we also pride ourselves on having the best customer service in town.

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