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Furnishing Tips for Your First Home

Recommendations for first-timers deciding on their furniture needs

There are a number of exciting elements you may be thinking about if you’re in the process of purchasing your first home, and one of these for many people is the process of furnishing their new space. Furnishing a new home can be both exciting and intimidating simultaneously, but it’s easy to accomplish if you’ve taken a few basic preparations and are ready for the road ahead.

At Amish Crafted Furniture, we’re happy to assist clients around Tulsa with a massive showroom of solid wood furniture, including those furnishing their very first home. Here are some basic tips we regularly offer such clients on how to go about this process, from broad recommendations to a few more specific ones.

Work With Reputable Furniture Providers

Firstly, while we wish it were not the case, the reality is that not all furniture providers are created equal. Many online providers or discount furniture stores may offer attractive prices, but the quality of those pieces can suffer significantly with such low costs. Make sure that you investigate a few reputable stores in person to ensure that their products meet your expectations before investing.
At Amish Crafted Furniture, for instance, you can rest assured knowing that each of our pieces is handcrafted from carefully selected woods and built to last. We’re happy to detail the craftsmanship and quality of our pieces, including how they’ll fit into your home’s style.

Stick to an Established Budget

Once you’ve established a reputable provider (or providers) for your needs, be sure that you still set up an appropriate budget for yourself. It can be tempting to splurge on several pieces at once, but it’s important to remember that furnishing a new home can be an ongoing process – overspending in the near term may mean you have to sacrifice quality pieces down the road.

For instance, many people may find it tempting to purchase a few large pieces of furniture such as couches or bed frames early on in the process, but may not have considered smaller items such as end tables and lamps. Setting an appropriate budget can help ensure that you are able to purchase all these items comfortably over time.

Take Measurements Beforehand

When shopping for furniture, it’s important to take measurements of the room beforehand. This will help prevent you from purchasing a piece that is too large or too small – both of which can lead to an awkward setup and wasted money on returns.

For smaller pieces such as end tables or lamps, simply eyeballing the size of a space may be enough, while larger pieces should almost certainly be done with a tape measure to ensure accuracy.

Style Considerations

Another key factor to consider when furnishing your first home is the overall style that you’re aiming to achieve. Most stores offer a number of different choices for furniture pieces, from traditional wood finishes to more contemporary designs. Think about how you want different rooms in the house to look and feel before committing to any one piece – as these decisions can often have ripple effects throughout the rest of the home.

For example, let’s say you’re considering a large couch for the living room. You may find that this purchase has an impact on the end tables you choose, what kind of curtains you select, and even the colors of your wall art. Understanding these types of connections can help ensure that each piece complements one another as part of an overall style in each room.

Keep Lighting Firmly in Consideration

One tangential factor to furnishing a new home that many people can overlook is the role of lighting. This includes both natural and artificial light sources, as they can have an important impact on how a room looks and feels.

For instance, if you’re investing in pieces for a bedroom, it’s worth considering whether any additional windows could be beneficial (or what type of blinds may be necessary if more natural light is not a viable option). Additionally, lamps and other lighting fixtures can also help set the tone for rooms such as living rooms or dining areas.

Accessories and Accents

Finally, don’t forget that the items you place in and around your furniture can also have just as much impact as the pieces themselves. Scatter rugs, throw pillows, wall art – all of these elements can help give a room its own individual feel.

Overall, furnishing a first home can be an exciting and intimidating process simultaneously – but it doesn’t need to be. With some basic preparations, you can make the process much smoother and ensure that your pieces compliment one another both in terms of style and practicality.

As always, we’re happy to help here at Amish Crafted Furniture – and have many pieces that can be great additions to any Tulsa home. Amish Crafted Furniture complies with the Sturdy Act as of 2023. All cribs conform to Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) 16CFR1219 and ASTM F1169-13 standards and are up to date with all regulations tested through certified third-party labs. Contact us today to learn more about our selection and how our builders help you with your furnishing needs.